Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Perfect Wife

Sorry, guys, but I'm afraid I got the only truly perfect wife. I have been reading numerous blogs about husbands relating to their spouses in various situations. Most of them I can relate to with at least a reasonable level of empathy. I was particularly moved by an account of a couple celebrating their 80th wedding anniversary ( In another a man displayed a level of committment to his wife that I have rarely seen, caring for her every physical need with tenderness and love as her abilities to function slowly passed. The way he cared for her in the physical realm is the way my wife cares for me in what I will call the spiritual realm. Her spirit loves with a degree of integrity that speaks of a higher level of being. She cares for people with True caring. I know many people who meet the needs of others with a concern for what they or I see in front of them, but who don't consider what may lie beyond that immediate need. My wife looks beyond the visible through depths of ambiguity to complexities that few can fathom. She perceives True needs and concerns that may actually be thwarted by caring for the visible, physical problem. What's more, she will not be deterred from embracing that person's True needs even if to do so will bring her derision from those less perceiving souls looking on. In her innocence, this derision causes her confusion and pain for her integrity assignes those onlookers a higher degree of decency than they are capable of or willing to exercise. Unfortunately, I am all too often one of those onlookers myself. For this I am ashamed. She teaches me by example every day with the patience of a saint, but then why should that surprise anyone when she has the practices of a saint. I fear I am too old now to reach an 80th anniversary with her, but no matter, I don't plan to lose her just because of a little thing like death.


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