Monday, April 04, 2005

My Wife/ My Friend

I have not posted for quite a while....somewhat because I didn't know what to use this site for....somewhat because I didn't know if I would use this site at all....and somewhat because I decided I was too busy to bother. Well, things like "busy" and "important" have caused me to lose touch with a lot of things that truly my wife, Mary.

Mary has been many things to me over the years...friend, family, teacher, drill sergeant, lover, helper....the list goes on. She has opened my eyes to worlds I never knew existed, worlds I needed to see in order to live and others I needed to see in order to love. Mary taught me to love, mostly by example, but also because she has made herself a student of love and of life. To say she is wise is truly an understatement. I recently told a prospective employer that if he ever needed someone to just come in and fix all of his problems my wife would be happy to do it. The thing is, I'm sure he thought I was exaggerating about her, but I wasn't. She is without question the most capable person I have ever met in whatever setting you would care to put her. But what makes that something of true value is her heart. She would do the job to care for someone else's help them get free from whatever bound love them in whatever way she found available. That is who Mary is...a lover, first, last and always. She loves me so faithfully it truly hurts sometimes. She loves her children through many things that tear her heart. She loves til it hurts....and she's only getting started. And if that's not enough, the woman is so full of integrity, it practically oozes out of her pores. That's my Mary.

Now, I know what you are thinking, "Boy has he got a thick pair of rose-colored glasses!" or if you are kinder, "Isn't it nice how he loves his wife". Perhaps both of those things are true in some measure. But I would challenge you to keep your eyes open for her today. If you stop to talk to a strikingly attractive middle aged woman who within 5 minutes causes you to feel as if you are in the presence of something "more", throw her your most posing problem. If she responds with "the" answer while hardly breaking stride, you may just have talked to my Mary today. I hope you consider it the privilege that I do....when I'm not too busy.


Blogger wounded said...

wow, I sure wish I felt this way about her. I need to ask god for peace and love and forgiveness for what YOUR MARY did. So sorry I found all this blog and that I am so stirred up with many emotions of my past and who I am because of the horrible things she did to me as a child. Peace to all of you good to know people can change. God speed and god bless. ammends can be a great gift.

May 1, 2010 at 12:15 AM  

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